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Union bank wins Most Efficient Bank in E-Reference Operations award


By GLADYS JOHNSON                                                                   Union Bank, one of Nigeria’s longest-standing innovative banks, has been awarded the most effective bank in e-reference operations. This was announced at the recently concluded 2017 CBN/NIBSS Electronic Payment Incentive Scheme Awards, organised by the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Nigeria Inter-bank Settlement System.

The e-reference operations refer to one of the activities carried out in Central Processing Centre (CPC) under the Account Opening/Documentation Unit. Contested by all the banks in Nigeria, Union Bank was recognized as the most efficient bank in ensuring reference requests are processed within minutes of receipt on the platform, a measure which is considered commendable compared with the turnaround time of other banks in the industry.

Coming off a successful transformation initiative, the new award is the latest in a string of accolades for Union Bank, as it was recently recognised the “Most Improved Retail Bank” at the BusinessDay Banking Awards, the Central Bank of Nigeria Award as the ‘Best bank in Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund in Nigeria’, while also winning two international awards for ‘Best Brand Development to Reflect Changed Mission/Vision/Positioning’ and the ‘Best Visual Identity from the Financial Services Sector’.

Speaking after the announcement, the Head of Service & Technology, Union Bank, Nath Ude, shared the Bank’s commitment to improving customers’ lifestyles by massively investing in providing a safer, simpler and smarter way of banking.

“The improvement in our banking operations is clearly evidenced by the growth in the daily transactions on our online banking channels. Union Bank also has the fastest-growing online banking platforms in Nigeria, so we are very delighted to receive this award. We promise to continue building on our achievements and to ensure that our customers enjoy a simpler and smarter banking system,” he said.

Speaking on the Bank’s successful transformation, Joe Mbulu, Transformation Director, Union Bank, called on customers to leverage on the bank’s safer and faster online banking platforms.

“Our transformation strategy was built on speed, safety and comfort for our customers – which we also demonstrated by investing in efficient and effective technology. Our banking systems are simpler and much easier to operate,” he said.

Union Bank of Nigeria, currently celebrating its centenary anniversary, is one of Nigeria’s most respected financial institutions, with a robust geographical network comprising more than 300 branches and over 760 ATMs spread across Nigeria.


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