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The whole world will be watching Nigeria in 2019 – I. Ishola Balogun

By: Gladys Johnson, Courtney Howard and Patricia Sanchez

Ishola Balogun, businessman and media personality has reveal that the 2019 upcoming election in Nigeria might be the most challenging election in the history of the country. Speaking to a group of journalists at his television studio in Houston, Texas, United States of America, he pointed out that it would be a test of whether as a people, Nigerians are ready for democracy in its purest form and how the world powers would react to it if the process becomes an open fiasco.

While admitting that Nigeria is notorious for election rigging, Mr. Balogun explains that criminal elements will always try to thwart the will of the people through rigging but called on the world’s agencies for fair electioneering to make a massive presence at the polls.  He further enjoined the world press to start applying for their press accreditation in other to observe the process.  He particularly appealed to all media agencies to have a strong presence on the ground so as to provide real time reporting on the election.

When asked if he is running for office, he confirmed his interest to run, but only if there are no worthy candidates for the position he wants to go for. He was asked to explain further since more than twenty people have so far expressed interest in the office of the president.  Ishola went further to admit the fact that he does not want to discourage anyone from following their ambition but he reiterated that what Nigeria needs now is a statesman with a tremendous and undying love for God, Countrymen and family. He noted that Nigeria needs a candidate that has not only vision but a verifiable plan for good success.  He said that he has not seen anyone with an astounding leadership quality on the list.

Also, Balogun told the journalists that he still has enough time to declare his candidacy. “You cannot start your campaign by breaking the rules.  INEC has some rules and timetable and you can only be a candidate if you are the nominee of your party after the primaries” he said.

When asked about the reports on the social media concerning his recent trip to Nigeria, Ishola said that he went to see things for himself by touring the country and that it cannot be called campaigning.

“Not really what I am doing and what I did was to travel around the country to see for myself the real state of the Nation.

“Let me tell you, it was worse than I thought and the country is in really bad shape.

“The good thing is that I know enough now to be able to map out a plan on how we can fix everything that is wrong and while I am back here in the United States, I am  putting things together and consulting with the people that are well vast and experienced in effective machinery of growth and progress. “Nigeria will be great again and very soon too and we must all work for it to succeed.

“To get a Nigeria that works for all of us, all hands must be on deck to make Nigeria work again.

“God bless you all and God bless our Great country Nigeria” He concluded.

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