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The Future of Natural Gas a Key Topic at MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2023

By Fortune Nwosu

The MSGBC region is poised to become a global gas hub owing to its substantial proven resources, million-ton projects, and strategic location. With a major Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project coming online in 2024 and new exploration campaigns kicking off, the region’s premier energy, the MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2023 conference and exhibition, represents the platform to discuss the future of natural gas.
During this year’s event, a dedicated panel discussion will take place under the theme, The Future of Natural Gas in a Rapidly Changing Landscape. Led by industry experts and thought leaders, the panel will investigate various influential factors associated with monetizing MSGBC gas in efforts to foster solutions to strengthen and grow the regional energy market.
Specifically, the panel will explore the impact of geopolitical issues on the MSGBC natural gas sector and how the region can remain resilient to global impacts. Tensions between gas-producing countries as well as the complicated dynamics of pipeline politics continue to impact the global gas market. Experts will analyze how these geopolitical events affect supply, price, and market stability and how MSGBC nations can leverage collaboration to strengthen resilience.
The regulatory landscape for natural gas is quickly evolving largely due to efforts by nations to prioritize low-carbon investments. While global priorities are shifting towards renewables, gas has an instrumental role to play in driving industrialization and electrification in the low-emission era. As such, the panel will discuss strategies for developing environmental regulations and their implications on gas production, distribution, and consumption. The topic is of fundamental significance given the first gas production expected at the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) project in 2023, thereby placing Senegal and Mauritania on the map as global producers. In this regard, regional industry leaders will look at the various ways to adjust regulation in a manner that prioritizes dual goals of energy security and a transition to low-carbon energy.
With the advent of the first gas production, the MSGBC region will be well-positioned to advance economic growth on the back of a reliable and affordable energy supply. While GTA initially prioritizes LNG exports to improve revenue generation, opportunities for regional gas distribution will grow substantially. As such, the relevant storage and distribution infrastructure will be of paramount importance if the region is to fully benefit from the wealth of its gas resources.
Therefore, during the panel discussion, speakers will look at how natural gas may be used to improve energy storage technologies, providing a dependable and resilient energy supply. Several pipelines and gas-to-power facilities are now at the feasibility stage in Senegal, and storage technologies will gain significance in the future. The panel will therefore lay the foundation for new deals to be signed, with speakers exploring strategies to secure investment in these crucial areas.

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