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HYTORC Wins the Offshore Technology Conference 5th Spotlight on New Technology Small Business Award

HYTORC Wins the Offshore Technology Conference 5th Spotlight on New Technology Small Business Award

HYTORC, the oldest and most recognized manufacturer of industrial bolting systems in the world, will receive a spotlight on New Technology Small Business Award during the 2024 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC0 in Houston, Texas, May 6-9 for HYTORC Lightning Pump Series. With this honor, HYTORC will receive its fifth Spotlight on New Technology Award since 2019. Previous HYTORC winners are HYTORC’s Connect App, MXT+ Hydraulic Torque Wrench, J-Washer, and Lithium Series 11 Electric Torque Tool.

“We are honored to be a five-time recipient of the Offshore Technology Conference’s Spotlight on New Technology Small Business Award. We would like to thank the OTC for its recognition of HYTORC technology this year and over the past six years” said HYTORC President Eric Junkers. “And we are especially proud of our new Lightning Pump Series now gives our clients a pump solution that is cost-efficient and stable in adverse conditions and places where power is not easily accessible.”

HYTORC developed the battery pump to specifically address the need for cost-efficient, stable power when bolting in remote locations. The Lightning Pump is the first battery-powered pump the company has ever offered and the first variable-speed battery-powered hydraulic pump on the market. The Lightning Pump is valuable in industries such as wind including offshore, mining, and oil and gas, where there are few reliable, consistent power sources available and where access to a generator is not always possible or convenient.

It is available in two models: The Lightning Pump Series – Smart and the Lightning Pumps Series – Standard. Both standard and smart versions have a 48-volt, 1170-watt-hour battery with an oil cooler, USB slot, hard shell case, 0.70-gallon (2.7-liter) tank capacity, and a variable speed brushless direct current (DC) motor. The pump has a significant increase in flow, making it faster than any single motor pump on the market today. This motor allows the Lightning Pump’s elements to run simultaneously, resulting in superior pump performance. The smart version is user-friendly and fully automatic – all the user has to do is choose the tool from the options that are shown on the market has a touchscreen and the touch display can be used with gloves, making setup easier and safer. Its comprehensive data capture function allows for better records. The pump’s IP 65 rating means it can work offshore. It can operate in temperatures up to 60 degrees C/140 F and as low as – 20 degrees C/-4 F. It can be used almost anywhere and there’s no need to rely on a power grid or air delivery system onshore and offshore.

HYTORC stands alongside this year’s other notable spotlight on New Technology award winners, including Baker Hughes, Henkel, Hagglunds, Fugro, GOWell, and BridgeFlow.

In 2022, the company won Spotlight on New Technology awards for its MXT+ Hydraulic Torque Wrench and Connect App software:

  • The MXT+ Hydraulic Torque Wrench builds upon the best features of the original MXT Hydraulic Torque Wrench, adding the latest advanced technology, including a coaxial reaction drive, auto-release feature, and a new cycle counter.
  • The Connect App provides Bluetooth-enabled wireless data exchange between HYTORC Electric Torque Tools and Windows PC or mobile devices. By sending preset bolting parameters to the tool, the app simplifies and speeds up the configuration of Bolting operations. It guides users through simple or multi-pass sequential bolting operations to ensure job accuracy and even records detailed bolting results for complete project documentation.

In 2021, HYTORC won the Spotlight on New Technology award for the HYTORC J-Washer

  • The J-Washer elevates the performance and reliability of the HYTORC Reaction Washer by adding a locking feature to minimize loosening and keep bolts tight under dynamic loads. The fastener’s unique ridged band prevents the loosening of pre-loaded fasteners while providing all the benefits of the traditional HYTORC Reaction Washer, including safety, speed, and tool performance.

In 2019 the HYTORC  (Lithium Series II) Tool won the award

  • The tool introduced ground-breaking TorceSense Technology to the industry, an innovative method of direct torque measurement and closed loop control to provide more repeatable bolting performance.


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