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GINA Consulting Storms LASU

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GINA Consulting in its quest to helping fresh graduates find their footings when they eventually get off the school held a seminar at the Lagos State University.

Titled “Meeting the Employers,” the consulting firm came packed with professionals who got the students enthralled.  At its core, the seminar revealed that today’s employers expect more from their employees: a broader skill set, increased teamwork capabilities, a global perspective and high-level problem solving abilities.

According to Ify Nonyelu, of GINA Consulting, “Employers are not interested in a thermometer, i.e., someone who has one or even several degrees, and nothing more. Come to think of it, what they really want is a heater, i.e., someone who can or has the potential to turn on the heat in their unit, section, department or the whole organization. Even better, they want a thermostat who can deploy, manage and regulate the heaters within controllable levels, i.e., managers and leaders”.

“Our career paths seem so cut and dry when we’re children. When asked what we want to be when we grow up, our responses are simple: teacher, firefighter, doctor. But as we grow up and head to college, we’re exposed to other career options in fields we never have had exposure to in a direct way. While we work to earn degrees in fields we’re interested in pursuing, we’re still left a bit unprepared for the corporate world upon graduation”, he said.

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