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Envision Energy Announces Collaboration with BASF in Green Hydrogen to Accelerate Renewable Energy Transition

Envision Energy, a global leader in green technology, announced a strategic collaboration with BASF Process Catalysts, a leading provider of innovative catalyst technology, to enhance the efficiency of generating e-methanol from green hydrogen and carbon dioxide by leveraging their respective expertise. The collaboration marks a significant step towards to create sustainable energy solutions by bringing innovative advances to the sustainable energy value chain.

Envision Energy will integrate the state-of-the-art BASF SYNSPIRE™ catalyst technology with its innovative energy management system to maximize the efficiency of the catalyst technology. The process package will facilitate the dynamic conversion of green hydrogen and carbon dioxide into e-methanol, synchronizing seamlessly with the onstream time of wind power. Envision Energy’s crafted EnOS AIoT operating system will play as a conductor of the energy concerto and help enhance the optimization of the innovative and dynamic operation mode of the chemical plant.

Envision Energy is the world’s leading green hydrogen producer and the only company that possesses core technologies in renewable energy, hydrogen production equipment, and net zero industrial park, targeting for decarbonization at scale by green hydrogen solution. Its green hydrogen project based in Inner Mongolia is the world’s largest commercial green hydrogen project, which won the Energy Transition Changemaker Award at COP28 for its outstanding contribution to decarbonization. Initiated by the COP28 UAE Presidency, the Energy Transition Changemakers Awards are dedicated to recognizing innovative and scalable solutions that play a crucial role in global decarbonization and emissions reduction initiatives. Only 10 projects were selected out of over 1,000 submissions worldwide, among which, Envision Energy received two, with the other first-of-its-kind Ordos Net Zero Industrial Park.

Envision Energy’s green hydrogen project aims to transform the value chain of green molecules, tackling challenges like high production costs, low efficiency, energy intermittency, and limited infrastructure to provide the world with the integrated value chain solution for zero-carbon hydrogen energy. This is achieved through the application of innovative technologies, including its own electrolyzer and ammonia synthesis methods, complemented by an advanced wind power control program.

The collaboration between Envision Energy and BASF Process Catalysts is scheduled to demonstrate the feasibility of the advanced process design next year at Envision Energy’s Chifeng site in Inner Mongolia, China. It will unlock the full potential of green hydrogen and carbon dioxide to e-methanol by leveraging their respective strengths, to drive the accelerated transition to green energy.

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