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Bosch Rexroth to exhibit the latest technologies for offshore and marine applications at OTC 2024

Bosch Rexroth to exhibit the latest technologies for offshore and marine applications at OTC 2024

Stories By: Gladys Johnson

Booth demonstrations and special presentations will highlight the latest marine and offshore technologies that combine efficiency, safety, environmental stability, and connectivity at OTC 2024 in Houston. Bosch Rexroth will join offshore and marine technology experts to showcase the company’s latest innovations at OTC 2024 on May 6-9 in Houston. Located at booth 739, Rexroth and Hägglunds displays will show a range of products and solutions that support the offshore technology sector.

At OTC 2024, visitors to the Bosch Rexroth booth will have the opportunity to learn about the company’s latest technologies and solutions for marine and offshore applications through interactive demonstrations and presentations of motors and drive systems, electromechanical and electrohydraulic actuators, and more.

Highlights of this year’s booth include the 2024 Spotlight on New Technology award-winner, Hägglunds Quantum Power – high power with greater economy and sustainability, and our pioneering portfolio of easy-to-use Subsea Electric Actuators (eSEA) to enable the lean electrification of any subsea production system or process valve.

In addition, Bosch Rexroth subsea technology experts Dr. Alexandre Orth and Markus Kubacki will provide two technical / poster sessions at the show. Stop in to see the presentation titled “An Intelligent Drive Solution to Simply Electrify Larger Subsea Valves Such as SSIV” on Monday, May 6, from 11:10-11:28 AM CT – Room 610, and “Lean Subsea Electric Actuators for ​Linear Gate Valves” located in the ePoster Lounge on Tuesday, May 7, from 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM CT.

Other key booth exhibits at OTC 2024 include: The 2023 Spotlight on New Technology winner, Subsea Valve Actuator (SVAR2) is the world’s first electric actuator that can replace conventional hydraulic cylinders with proven safety technology and without taking up additional space. The 2023 Spotlight on New Technology winner, Hägglunds Atom comes.

bundled in an extremely compact design that withstands harsh environments and mounts right on the shaft. Fully marine adapted, the atom is a powerhouse in miniature, unleashing a maximum torque of 13.6 kNm at speeds of up to 400 rpm, ideally suited for marine equipment such as winches, thrusters, dredgers, and subsea mining.

Rexroth will also be unveiling the latest electrohydraulic drive system for hydrogen, to be used in conjunction with gaseous Hydrogen boosters and liquid Hydrogen cryogenic pumps. The Bosch Rexroth drive portfolio includes highly efficient complete systems in the form of servohydraulic axes (SHA).

These particularly compact solutions concentrate on a variable-speed drive comprising a servo motor, hydraulic pump, control block, synchronous cylinder, and minimal oil volume in a very small space. Customer-specific compressors are mounted on the cylinder itself and can be used with both Hydrogen and other types of gases.

Rineer vane motors provide high torque at start and stall and flat torque throughout the entire speed range. The “vane-crossing-vane” design provides an optimum power-to-weight ratio, smooth output over a wide speed range, and maximum torque at zero rpm. The Rexroth Service portfolio is designed to ensure you get the most from the solutions you use in your system. The availability of spare parts, overhauls, field service, and technical support is guaranteed, as standard, not only for all products in the current portfolio but also for a period of 5+ years beyond the active sales phase.

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